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Thank you for purchasing our product from AdmCity.Com, we pick out especially some beautiful gifts for reward.   Now, you just purchase our product more than GBP 30.00 for any order, you can get it immediately. The gifts are free, you do not bill charge anymore.

Total order more than
GIFT (s)
GBP 30.00
A Sweet gift.
GBP 50.00
A Free Flower Panty.
GBP 100.00
A Free thong + A Free Flower panty /
or A Medical Compression Stockings
GBP 150.00
Free thongs *2 + A Free Malic Acid Pantyhose
GBP 200.00
Free thongs *2 +A Free Flower panty + A Free pantyhose /
or Medical Compression Stockings *2
GBP 250.00
Free thongs *2 + Folwer panties *2 + A Free Malic Acid Pantyhose
Purchase Man's thong/panty
more than GBP 50.00
A FREE Man's socks.

1. If your order will take two shipments separately, your gift(s) will been deliever with the 2nd shipment.
2. If the gifts are out of stock, we will change the gift(s) for you, we do not especially advise you.
3. If you purchase the 40% or 30% off goods, you can not join the activities.
4. Gifts are not changeable or replace the order charge.
5. AdmCity.Com reserve the right for changing the gift. If we change the gifts, we do not especially inform the customers.

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